Market Integrity

We plan to help and engage a solid and fruitful financial framework, where firms can flourish and consumers can put their trust in straightforward and open markets

We ensure and upgrade the trustworthiness of the worldwide financial framework. This advantages firms, people and society in general, and we work to guarantee markets are successful, effective and dependable.

The markets should be bolstered by strong foundation, with proper access and straightforwardness to address the issues of the consumers, corporates and other discount customers that utilization them.

We look to guarantee that:

  • Senior administration are responsible for their capital markets activities, including primary and organization duties
  • There is a positive culture of proactively recognizing and overseeing irreconcilable circumstances
  • There is deliberate determination and return of customer resources
  • firms' plans of action, activities, controls and conduct keep up trust in the trustworthiness of markets and don't make or permit market manhandle, foundational hazard or financial wrongdoing
  • Market productivity, tidiness and flexibility is conveyed through straightforwardness, observation and the supervision of foundations, and also their vital clients
  • Firms, acting as specialists in the interest of their customers, put customers' best advantages at the heart of their organizations
  • We mediate right on time in discount markets to relieve the danger of damage being transmitted to retail consumers

We likewise have an obligation to advance successful rivalry while tending to our market respectability objective. In particular, Trading Bureau gives that we should, so far as is perfect with acting in a way which progresses the market respectability objective, release our general capacities in a way which advances compelling rivalry in the interests of consumers.

As an issue of arrangement we regularly mean to pick the most genius aggressive measure open to us furnished that it is good with our obligations in general. Consideration of how to apply this in practice will be put forth on a defense by-case premise.