Trading Bureau is the direct controller for 100,000+ financial services firms and financial markets controller for more than 20,000 of those firms.

What we do

Financial markets should be straightforward, reasonable and successful with the goal that consumers get a reasonable arrangement.

It is our plan to make markets work well – for people, for business, huge and little, and for the economy in general.

We do this by managing the direct of more than 56,000 organizations.

Why we do it

We are in charge of managing an area which assumes a basic part in the lives of everybody and without which the present day economy couldn't work. From youngsters' ISAs to benefits, guide charges to Visas, credits to speculations – how well financial markets work has a key impact on every one of us.

The financial services division utilizes a huge number of individuals around the world and if markets work well, aggressively and decently they advantage clients, staff and investors, and keep up trust in the financial industry. Our part is to help guarantee this happens.

How we do it

Our vital goal is to guarantee that the important markets work well and our operational targets are to:

  • Protect consumers – we secure a proper level of insurance for consumers.
  • Protect financial markets – we secure and improve the trustworthiness of the UK financial framework.
  • Promote rivalry – we advance successful rivalry in the interests of consumers.

We are a free open body subsidized altogether by the firms that we manage, by charging them expenses.

We work with consumer gatherings, exchange affiliations and expert bodies, residential controllers, officials and an extensive variety of other partners. With this broad dispatch, we utilize a proportionate way to deal with control, organizing the zones and firms which represent a higher hazard to our goals.


Our support in European and worldwide discourses

We draw in consistently with an extensive variety of European and universal partners and partners, both reciprocally and in multilateral discussions. This is to:

  • enhance participation
  • share best practice and
  • discuss issues of basic intrigue

EU and global administrative approach and guidelines, and their usage, supervision and enforcement in the UK, are fundamental to our dispatch. We work to accomplish compelling, proportionate and consistent European and global models in connection to issues inside our transmit. These issues incorporate direct, consumer insurance, market honesty, rivalry and pertinent prudential issues.


We connect with proactively with our partners in the EU notwithstanding EU organizations. As the worldwide agent at the European Securities and Markets Bureau, we take part actively in an extensive variety of gatherings creating strategy and administrative tenets.


We dedicate critical time and assets to worldwide engagement, to the work of worldwide standard setters and other worldwide bodies.