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Trading Bureau provides many resources for investors, and acts as a powerful regulator for any and all securities brokers who conduct business on the global markets. Our goal and focus is to protect international investors by ensuring that all parties involved in the exchanges operate with fairness and integrity. Since our foundation we have grown considerably in size and today we oversee over four thousand brokerage firms, alongside five hundred thousand registered securities representatives.

Trading Bureau is involved in a large number of fields within the securities business, and works with investors to ensure that they are being treated correctly. Trading Bureau is there to assist investors and brokers with all aspects of trade, from registering and educating industry participants, to in depth analysis of securities brokers and their respective firms. Alongside this we are also an active participant in writing rules and regulations, and enforcing those rules within the securities industry. A key part of our business, is to inform and educate the investing public, by issuing trade reports and other vital statistics that ensure a safe trade every time.

Here at Trading Bureau we believe that the best way for investors to be protected in the industry is to be educated and understand the industry and how it conducts its business. Trading Bureau offers a wide array of industry tools, and information, which can be used to ensure investors are protected while conducting their business.